Welcome...hope I find everyone enjoying everything Fall has to I see it I think that it may be everyones very favorite season. Here in Florida we have no changing leaves or Acorns but we do have some magnificent pinecones and a recent discovery of The Florida paper tree. My daughter and her friends went to the woods to gather some wood for the outdoor fire pit and as I was passing the wagon of cut logs I noticed they resembled birch tree a bit so I went and checked it out better. One of the logs was peeling apart oh I thought this is very cool so I grabbed a few logs and brought them on in the house I peeled one apart.

 I thought I would try a couple of things first I covered a old floor board entirely. I used wood glue.

So I crafted this lodge sign just using some stencils and paint and attached these two?, sorry they look like a type of pine cone they were interesting so I gathered some.


 Then I thought I would peel off some big enough pieces to wrap around just a typical jar
 So with some cording and pine cones
Just a tealight and it looks nice in the evening...I will have to see what other crafts I can up with . I think I will cut some stars for my tree this year. When I was living up north I would put some boots on and wander into the woods and gather what ever natural treasures the woods had to offer.

                                       Thanks so much for stopping in today!