MY 5.00 rolling metal filing cabinet gets a new name as kitchen island....

Welcome nice of you to stop in.  I had shared the story of this rolling metal cart way back when this is the link if you care to take a peek   It was just a 5.00 fun piece that I picked up at the church thrift store, little did I know that it would become one of my favorite and useful pieces. I just needed a little something kind of island so I pulled it from the bathroom where it was the keeper of towels and brought it back to the kitchen for some cooking and storage fun!.   I gave it a total new look one with some fun ! 

First I gave it some paint and I love red so I just did the bottom shelf red as well as the rooster stencil.

I bet you cant figure out what I used for the top? A couple of months ago I found this sheet pan I had wanted one for a long time but when I got home and tried it in the oven it was too big to fit. So The shhet pan serves as a top for my little island. It works great because you can put hot pans right from the oven on it. The best part is the height is perfect for me. I am under five feet.

 The top has plenty of room enough for a cutting board a big bowl etc.

 The other plus is that It has wheels so I can put deserts and coffee on it and roll it right in the dining room!

 Wait theres more the top liftsup so it has great storage or even a place to put cookies , pies and cakes so that they don't get eaten until I say. Extra baking stuff can also be stored as well.
 My 2 huge stainless steel bowls have a new home too. I have only had it up since Sunday night and have already utilized it. 

Thanks so much for taking a peek on in today!  Come back again I have something very unexpected to share with !                                                 Lisa

Please join me where I share my projects and have some fun gathering some wonderful inspiration!

Sadie Seasongoods

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