A Southwest Florida Porch That Welcomes Everyone!

Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!   Busy as a bee once again. I don't know about you but I am just done with carpeting, the vacuuming, shampooing ,pets etc. It just does not fit well with us. If I were still up North I would welcome warm carpet on those cold snowy days. But here in Florida our porch has to be weather proof, swimsuit proof, airy for the 95 degree humid weather , comfortable, a nice place to sit for a meal, but not too fancy, cozy enough to sit by the fire on our cold  winter nights of about35-40. It has a TV, music any many friends.  I pulled up the old indoor outdoor carpeting and gave the cement a dark stain. Who ever put the carpet down used a lot of glue but they swirled it on so instead of sanding it off I left it so we had some texture and that would be great because when painted concrete is wet it makes it super slippery.

 The bottom wall panels were white so I did a faux wood paint.
I snuck in some vintage items of décor.
This is really a tall shelf but when it is opened up and the wicker flat shelf pieces drop it becomes an interesting piece to decorate with.
The table has a leaf that can seat 8 when needed. I picked up a huge piece of this beautiful material  and made pieces to top all the furniture.

I placed a bamboo carpet in front of the couch, a great find from Ross. The couch is always covered. Who cares if a wet suit sits there or a fisherman has a seat, its all washable.
I have a date with this everyday and the laundry room is right off the porch.
This old oak dresser has always been part of the furnishings on this porch, it actually holds a lot of useful items.

The cocoa color cement stain goes well with all the furnishings. The screens have been done over a Christmas gift from my daughter and brother-in-law. We live very close to the everglades and woods so we really never know what wild life will be here to visit. We did have a couple raccoons who joined my son as he was fast asleep on the sofa, he awoken to them near him.....needless to say he ran indoors quick and has not slept out there since.
Bye Bye Carpet!
White curtains hang to the floor. So with a little sprucing up you can get a great space that the whole family to enjoy! Thanks so much for stopping by

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