You can make your old vintage canning jars and muffin tins so pretty!

Hi there welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. so nice you could stop by! I recently found some vintage canning jars and some other things such as muffin tins. So I decided to dress them up a bit! I was careful not to interrupt the operation of closing and opening the jar. This craft can be done with any jars at all!

 With a little lick of paint I turned this into a pretty candy jar. I used a light green and then distressed the name of the co. , I made a wee banner that says candy in green and topped it off with some pretty flowers and raffia. I didn't paint the entire jar so the candy could be visible.
 The muffin tin got a lick of black paint and I handpainted the light colored pumpkins , a bow and some distressing was all it took.

This will be cute leaning on a shelf. Be sure to save your jars and old tins! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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