Country Door Shutters have a new look married with the Fireplace

Welcome so happy your here! I think I have a touch of "Fall" fever, how about you? Today I was looking for a new look for my fireplace. So I decided to incorporate the Beautiful very versatile shutters that I bought from Country Door. Love that place! I've used them on each side of the dining door and now I have them met up with my fireplace. I used a white curtain and attached it to the back of both for a more solid look.
Star Light , Star that saying. I am using the shutters as a backdrop. I added some other fun things such as colored glass some old photos .
 A galvanized bucket sits front and center with some faux harvest veggies, an unexpected change from flowers.
 A vintage  Rebecca of Sunny brook farms for interest.
 I made a rag garland to add some fun.

These heavy iron hooks are great , I use them for stockings and as you can see this rag garland. Black and white check runner, If you have not shopped Country Door You should take a peek at their online catalogue . Don't tell your hubbies I suggested that though. Yikes!  Thank you so much for letting me share my new fireplace look, you all know that I am in constant state of evolving lol.
Come party with me.....