Monday, June 30, 2014


Hi there, hope you are enjoying your summer! So happy you took the time out of your busy day! If you are anything like me you love decorative dishes. I can't help to buy them when I see them on my thrifting trails. My favorite are vintage ones. I found this lovely piece on Saturday and it had all the punches of color I was looking for.

The plate has the deep dark purple and the green that I am using. So I needed some more dishes in the green color but no luck finding any so .......
I have a whole stack of these not so pretty saucers so I gave them a coat of the green paint to match the new dish and decided to stencil some numbers on them to give them some rhyme and reason.

I did a little" brush sanding" then added some stenciled numbers.
I added some hot glue with a paperclip to hang them on the wall, this truly works for hanging dishes. Be sure to wipe the area with some alcohol so that the dish takes the hot glue well.

I love the look of hung dishes!  I just don't limit the dish hanging to the kitchen......
 These are hung in the dining room.
 These wonderful Honig Apple dishes have holes in them near the leaves ,so a little cording is all I needed.
 These dishes hang in the large red, white and blue suite.


These hang in the kitchen.
These depression glass plates are held in a wire basket that hangs from the kitchen shutter. So scan your cabinets for some pretty plates and share them by hanging them up for all to see. Pretty dishes got a bad rap up until now no more shelf sitting for pretty dishes around here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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