Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, So happy you have stopped by! I have been working non stop here painting and redecorating. A short time ago I did paint the room with a wheat color... much too dull for me. Besides that there was a couple of layers of wallpaper on the walls. If you have ever removed wallpaper before you know it's no party, I don't care what your serving up! Removing wallpaper is terrible but I did want to reveal the pretty wood paneling underneath. I used a bold and braising deep dark purple, truly a color out of the normal comfort zone. So after many hours of peeling wallpaper and then adding a lick of this posh bold color this is the results...... Pour yourself a cup of coffee this could take a while....

 I decided to go with a bright white curtain, the wall color really pops against the white.
 I propped my screen door that I crafted in the corner propped up against  a corner cabinet.

I painted and distressed the fire place also painting a strip of chalkboard paint. The round grate madalion was a 6.99 thrift store find that I just gave a little distressing to. also a blue colored glass collection sits front and center surrounded by some driftwood and shells we have been collecting from the beach.

A bench was placed behind the couch that holds my collection of vintage lanterns , when they are lit you can see from the outside. Bright white curtains are clipped on and a sheer swag for some fancy.
A bucket of Cokes, love decorating with these bottles.

A wall decked out with some vintage finds and my favorite sign. A rescued shutter fits well with some 4th of July décor.
An ironstone plate  I picked up at the thrift store for .99 , I love the fancy of it.

I hung a thrift store basket filled with some colorful rope and a stray duck.

I painted the front panel with chalkboard paint so we could change our messages accordingly.
This former candleholder is a perfect fit on the fire place wall with a little distressing it is a perfect match.
 I found this sign to add to my screen door for the summer.


 I found this oil painting at Dell's thrift warehouse  I got the feel of a cottage type neighborhood it reflects  a cozy feel I set it on top of my vintage suitcase which sits on top my vintage icebox.

This is a glass fish plate that I gave a little color to by shading the back with some glass paint. I am totally loving this bold paint color and I think it will be fun decorating for all the upcoming holidays. Perhaps I have influenced you to paint a room with some fun boldness!   Thanks so very much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!
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