Grilling hotdogs this weekend? Dress them up with some real Polish made Saurkraut!

  • Hi and welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! If your summer is going like mine your probably enjoying grilling. There is nothing better than an all beef hotdog smothered in real Polish kraut! Today I will share with you an authentic recipe for just that. I don't have specific measurements , the older timers just throw this and that in with no measuring. First you will need some :Sauerkraut drained fully
  • A small bit of salt pork
  • a good size onion, or green onions what ever you like.
  • Brown sugar
  • salt & pepper
  • The very best All beef Hotdogs grilled to perfection
  • mustard and all the hotdog fixens you could conjure up!

The directions are very simple, If you have a cast iron pan you may want to use it such as the Polish gram did.....Sauté the salt pork and onions until cooked careful not to have the heat up too high. Meanwhile take your Kraut and put in in a strainer to release all the liquid , you will have to give it a little squish to insure no liquid is left behind. Once the salt pork and onions are done add the kraut, salt and pepper, brown sugar about a few teaspoons to one can . Fry all together and let it "mend".  Get your dogs off the grill and load them up ! Mr. Sweet Tea Modeled his for you all...Yum!  Hope you enjoy this authentic recipe. Have fun !