Hi there welcome friends to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Summer is wonderful but also brings allot of work and preparation. I have been planting , power washing etc.. how about you?   I always scan the free section of Craig's List and low and behold A very nice couple on the Island listed a huge all wood fancy fire place mantle, actually I have been looking for some time for one that would be big enough to star as a king size headboard. As it turned out the size of the mantle was a perfect match!
Someone built this beauty and gave it a wonderful Faux paint treatment but for my style I just lightly milk painted it with a cream color and left some of the brownish shading to show through.

 This bedroom is decorated in Red , White and blue so I just did a little shading of the red and blue and added  sweet dreams.

Where the opening is I added some pretty red material. also a shabby garland with a woodsey star. I am thinking about painting the mantle a really dark color or I just may use it in the lodge room which is the lanai. She is a beauty though!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!