Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cute Farmhouse Christmas Pillow To Craft!

 Happy day! Welcome ! For this pillow you really don't need any expert sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line, you got this! You can even sew this by hand. For this craft you will need the following items:

Plain piece of fabric ,your desired size. (I used a scrap of linen)

Some homespun fabric for the wreath, your desired color, I used a green homespun

Some fabric for the farmhouse bow

Stuffing of your choice, you can even use some old clothing cut up

Stencils, thread, craftpaint

Let's get started:

Ok guys, this is Diago he is a sewing machine stalker...if he sees me walk away just for a minute, he's there and the sewing machine will be untreated and minus a spool of thread lol.
After cutting your desired pillow you should have 2 pieces, prepare your homespun fabric by ripping it into strips about 2 to 3 inches wide and 5 or so inches long.
It's a good idea to draw a circle, simply start taking a piece of the term fabric and sewing through the middle, do this all around the circle taking care not to leave any open spaces in the circle.  Then just tie each and everyone.
I added some stenciling but that's not nessasary, a farmhouse bow is simple it's just tearing some strips of fabric to your desired size then simply make a bow.

This would make a great Christmas gift!

Hope you will try this craft! It's easy and the children can help as well! Thankyou for stopping in today!

                             Happy Crafting!



  1. Your projects are so rustic and absolutely lovely.
    Another great job!
    Merry Christmas, sweet friend.


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