Sunday, September 12, 2021

Cereal Box Farmhouse Pumpkins!

 Welcome! I am so excited to share this fall craft. Mainly because they are made from your empty cereal boxes, which I save each and every one of them.....I have lots of crafts using them . 

The items you will need :

Empty cereal boxes, hot glue or stapler., scraps of fabric, paint, brown paper bag, cording for the little tag. I had some copper wire but it's not needed, just to swirl and hand on the stem. Scissors of course.

This can be a fun craft for the whole family to do. A great way to get everyone around the table.whats more it's basically a free craft.

Let's take a look at the step by step :

First step, cut your cereal box in strips, you don't need to measure just eyeball it. Cut a piece of box out like a circle, this is what you will attach the strips to.
Begin attaching the strips, not to close just as shown until...
You have a full circle as shown. It's your preference if you want the printed side on the outside or inside I did both ways I actually let some peeks of the print show through. And the brown side was also nice letting the brown show to make it looked aged
Now its time to join them all together on the top, I used a stapler, but glue will work fine

Now your pumpkin has taken shape and is ready for..

Paint, any color you wish, mine is a light green with a bit of dark green highlights while the paint was still wet I sprinkled a bit of cake spice for a vintage look and a nice scent.
I found that an empty paper bag made a great stem seeing you can twist and shape it well.
I had some wire to add swirled to the stem
I ripped some homespun fabric for bows 
I also made some tags to hang on the stems, saying, spice, farmfresh and harvest.

Whats fun is not everyone will be the same, and depending how long you cut the strips you can make them all different sizes.  I sure hope you have as much fun crafting these pumpkins as I have. And remember to save your empty cereal and food boxes , more crafts will be coming!

                      Thankyou for stopping in,

                              Happy crafting!



  1. Lisa,
    OMG!! I am amazed by these ! Never would have thought about doing this and never saw it done before!! i love them!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment!! stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  2. I love creating from cardboard and brown paper, you'd be surprised what you can make. Thanks for visiting and your very kind comment


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