Friday, May 7, 2021

Frothing Milk For Your Coffee? Oh are you in for a treat

 Welcome friends! Just wondering how many of you love coffee? If you indeed love coffee are you in for a treat. Many of you may already indulge in this coffee treat. Well I don't have a barrista,  and I don't have a fancy machine to do the trick.  

Today I thought I would indulge myself a bit and  try this milk frothing. It seems to be the hoopla these days. And I can tell you it is simply splendid. First step make a pot of your favorite coffee, I used a Starbucks flavored.  Second, time to heat your milk. I had to guess but it should be about 155 degrees so when I saw the milk was starting to steam I immediately removed it from the heat.  3rd step over to my blender. I let the milk cool for a couple min. Then I immediately added it to my blender. On low speed I began to blend until I could see the bubbles rising . Oh my this  was magical. I poured some onto of my prepared cold coffee that I had added cream and ice. Well this was heaven ! What a treat.  I have read if you don't have a blender por a frothing device a jar can also do the trick. 

You all are about to start spoiling yourself! Hope you will give this a whirl.  Somehow the froth is sweet so you may eliminate sugar.  Can't wait till tommarow so I can do it all over again. 



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