Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter at The Potting Shanty

Hi and welcome! For all that pop in from time to time you remember how we took a wooden childrens playhouse and turned it in to a potting shanty by lifting the roof and adding some wood work here and there. 

Its been fun and really useful!  I love decking it out for the holdays.  And Easter is no exception!

 Just some simple items such as a crafted rag garland....
 A wreath that I made from the old vines of an out of control Lantana plant, just kept wrapping the vines on some wire, added some colorful flowers .
 Scattered some plastic colored easter eggs just for fun!
 Love having all my garden utencils at my fingertips and a planting counter and never have to worry about spilling messy dirt everywhere.

 These are my bunny sisters they are 4 ft. Tall
 Just some simple 1/2 inch plywood cut to figure.
It was such fun crafting the bunnies, making the wreath and decorating!

         Wishing Everyone A great Easter!



  1. I love reading what you have been up to! Love the bunnies, the rag garland and the shovel! I have some I need to paint up and make cute!


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