Thursday, November 29, 2018


Welcome, its a chilly one today even in the south, I love it though! This weather calls for a steeping cup of cocoa and a good topping of marshmallows! This year I have created this winter drinkery with a bit of something for everyone. Grab a mug and lets check it out!

 The first thing is 2 electric coffee makers are ideal ,one for boiling water and one for coffee.

 So I have included tea,coffees, cocoas and instant oatmeal that can be had in just a couple of minutes. I also included brown sugar, marshmallows and sugar .
 spoons napkins and of course Candy canes …..oh my Oreo candy canes at that supper yummy.
 A winter drinker is a great way for guests to help themselves with everything right at their fingertips. All I have to replenish is the milk, half and half and whipped cream.
 A small pitcher for toting water and plenty of coffee filters.

A winter drinker could be a hostess helper for sure.....add some cookies, pie cakes or sandwiches and you have something nice to offer drop by guests with not a lot of time involved . How about you will you set up a winter drinker?

                                                                    Thank you for stopping on in!

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