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Lisa's been out thrifting, pop on in and see whats new!

Hi nice that you could stop by.The weather has been wonderful here, the type where all you want to do is garden, love digging and planting etc. Natalie and I have been working on a sitting/garden area. She has started the seeds for Tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers.

Natalie loves to garden and cook as well as craft and paint, this is a peek at what we are up to I will share this when we are done, Lowes is having a great sale on mulch 6 bags for 10$ and that includes all different kinds. Here we repurposed some heavy plastic by using it as a liner just poking holes so that the water could have a release during our rainy season but we will for sure not have to weed !

So we have gone out thrifting .....managed to find a few items

So I found this rooster for 2.99 @ Goodwill
 found this Pyrex bowl @ Habitat For Humanity for .99 Love the dusty white cloudy surface reminds me of the striking Dusty Miller plant. I will use this for decorating. Cant help to wonder just how many pan…

A coffee table redo and a crafted sign

Hello there, so nice that you could drop in.......You know you have that piece of furniture starring at you just begging for a new look? That was my coffee table, first I have to say I am so still in love with the greenish/blue vintage color, anything that color touches turns to pretty. So while preparing dinner working on our new patio I made a sign and gave the coffee table a new bright pretty look

 I just used some homemade chalk paint and dry brushed it so that the pineapple legs could show off there furniture sexy! If you are wondering about homemade chalk paint its very simple I just add a bit of baking soda to the paint and stir well. So say I have about 2 cups of paint I would add about 1 Tbls. of baking soda. I have been using this for a long time and it has always worked well. It sands and weathers well.

 Some vintage 7-up bottles filled with daisies a top a colored dish all set in a galvanized tray
 This rooster is my favorite he is made of wood, metal and nails, the nail…

A pretty Spring Makeover for the vintage birdhouse...birds of a feather flock together!

Hello and has been fun! I have been redoing my Birdhouse, a beautiful black vintage birdhouse given to me by a really nice lady on Craigs list. The first time I replied was for a vintage garden table that she was giving away for free, so I made arrangements to pick it up. Although she never came outside I just know she is a really nice lady. A couple of weeks later she emailed me asking if I would like a vintage garden bench and a birdhouse, so I replied saying that I would so love it and give it a good I crafted her a little something to show my gratitude and I was off to pick up the items, I thought I would finally meet her but everything was left by her door. So I just left her the gift I crafted for her and emailed her a thank you. Even though we have never met I know her heart is filled with kindness.

Today I spent a nice afternoon giving the tired Bird house a spring redo. Yesterday Natalie and I spent a long day of Thrift store hunting and Dollar…

A vintage style screen door & a stencil/spackeling technique you wont want to miss

Hello and welcome......Today I am sharing a vintage style screen door that I have crafted from some scraps of wood, some pieces of an old shutter, vinyl spackling  a stencil, paint, and some other décor items I have collected. For some buying old vintage windows , doors and shutters is easy, but in these parts not much around. If there is something of that nature the price will be ridiculous.  Grab a coffee and let me show you a bit.

This screen door is about 2 ft wide and 6 ft high. It is just for decorative purposes, although it could be made to fit a doorway or long window. I started by gathering some wood from my stash which was 2 pieces about 3"/ 6 ft. long. then 2 more about 2 ft. x 3", then one pine board for the middle about 2ft 3 in.. I constructed all that using my electric screw driver I thought I would add a bit of  fancy so I had some pieces of a shutter that came apart and a metal band so I attached the shutter pieces then the band.

 The next step was to do th…

Old dining room border wallpaper with a new farmhouse style

Hi there, happy you could stop by today! Love sharing all my crafts with all of you. You know how you just keep staring at that something ? You know you want to change it but you ponder all the ideas you can until that one idea strikes at you!  Well for me it was my dining room wall border. It has been up for about 6 years or so , so its time to go.

I had bought all these stencils including some nice lettering. so this is what I came up with after spending countless hours trying to find the perfect wall border.

Just a simple black paint to the existing border and then stenciling Farm animals such as..
 Cows and Pigs

It seems to sew the room together a bit.  This is a simple project that can be done with just the cost of a bit of paint and a stencil.
Thanks so much for visiting ! Lisa

A Homemade Barn window to add some farmhouse whimsey

Hi there, welcome........Spring Fever is in the air! I have been doing some planting that I will share soon. I just love digging in the dirt in the Florida sunshine. To spite the fact we have been through our drought season many things have been growing out of control.

I had made a faux barn window some time son was making a playhouse for his little one and of course I was taking all the scrap wood as usual, it was an easy project. I used kitchen wire for the back to give the farm feel. The first time I shared this It was white with some red aging throughout  here it is now.

 I placed a big shelf underneath to display some collections. I have a vintage milk pitcher A very old Gold pan that was used way back when for panning for gold ,that I bought at an auction in town.

I wanted to bring out the chestnut color used on the faux brick accent wall and the chestnut wood slab wall that I had painted.
Remember ladies to be able to construct some fun projects you will need the fol…

vintage bread box turned into A Bunny hutch..just in time for Easter

Hi and welcome, with Easter around the corner I am planning some nice Easter crafts. I had a vintage bread box that I picked up from our local thrift some time ago It was an ugly color so I gave it a white wash. I had some plastic eggs that I sprayed white and speckled black, I added some raffia and some old bunnies. I crafted a wee pink bunny banner made from brown paper grocer bag.

I can remember going into the bunny hutch as a child and dressing the little bunnies with doll clothes. grama would come and chase us out, so we would go to the huge tree and eat the dark sweet berries until she went back in and then we would return to our baby bunnies. Sweet Memories!

 Just a little Easter Whimsy!

 Happy Crafting

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