A new Faux ship lap painted backdrop for my fireplace!

Hi there.......welcome  come on in. Today I am going to share my latest project with you all and it was completely free. We had gotten a huge box delivered to us and it was on a thick piece of wood with thick short  legs attached . If you have seen my new kitchen center...you know the big mirror I used ? well it was from my fireplace......you all know how that goes borrow from one and give to another. So I pulled out my brown paint  and painted the entire piece of wood . Let it dry well. I gathered my painters tape and white paint and began to dry brush faux slats of wood diving them up using painters tape. Just lightly brushing leaving some of the brown to peek through, once done I took a paint scraper and scraped lightly and took off more of the white paint. Lets take a look......

 Simple décor just a wreath and I placed my favorite rooster fella in there. An egg crate with a piece of white wear and just tucked a couple of interesting silver pieces in there.

 I added a bit of lace to decorate the top.

 I  have a little chalk board in the front of the fireplace, a fun way to spread a message.

You can see how I did not paint heavy and left some brown to surface and that's all there is too faux painting .....been doing it for a while takes a bit of practice but once you get it aced its on! you will be able to achieve any look.

Love this little bird on a candle holder......always love to put things where they ordinarily would not be. Thank you so much for letting me share with you today! love for you to leave a comment and chat about what projects you might be up to!

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