A new kitchen center made from a little of this and a little of that!

Hi there, so nice of you to stop on in.......I have been working on a kitchen project that I am now ready to share. I have a wall in the kitchen that had the huge big white cabinet with the rooster hanging from it. I decided to put a bigger prep area there seeing that summer is around the corner with summer we do allot of cooking and it will be great for a cold drink station as well....we are so addicted to smoothies! Come lets take a look.....
So this is what was on the kitchen wall , I have moved the white cabinet to the dining room and I repurposed this island to the base of my new kitchen work center.

 Here it is.....I simply took part of an old farm house table and used it for the top a while back I used this with something else, we cut a hole in it so that a large stainless steel bowl would fit so it can be used as a "garbage bowl" , when your cutting on the board and you can just swipe all the strawberry stems into the bowl and discard everything all at once. or it can be filled with ice and a great place to chill some soda cans
 I had this large mirror over my fireplace but I  stole it from there , loved the way it looked with this grouping. I so love the way mirrors bounce light all over the room. My kitchen just has the one window over the sink and that window is actually looks into a bright sunporch so we don't have much natural light in the kitchen.
 This basket hold dish towels and fits snugly in this space.
 I used a tension rod to hang a black and white checked curtain so I could put all my pans etc that I use regularly. Not so pretty so I thought this curtain would be better.

 I crafted this rag garland for the mirror, used an old milk pitcher for décor. A funny story about the dishes that I have hung up........I found then at Good will so they were in a pretty box all taped up and I loved the look of the grapes on the dishes ,Grapes bring back such nice memories from when I was a child. We would go to my grams house for Sunday dinner and she had the nicest grape "Tent" we used to call it, we would sneak out there and find a bench under the grapes and just snack on the sweet fruit for hours, I believe they were for wine!
The shutters were doors from another piece of salvaged furniture

 See......no one wants to see my old pots and pans and trust me we cook at least 6 times a week.
 I put some artificial wear and tear on the the drawers etc. Love to decorate  with my vintage cookie cutters.
I see Easter brunch set up here....

I love to look around and repurpose pieces, taking stuff apart and putting things together. And always ending up with a story to tell.
Thanks so much for stopping on in today!
Look around ...you may have something you can also repurpose and give new life to!

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