Got my herd all together! Cows that is!

Hi there, today I  am sharing a cool way to display a herd of collectibles such as mine cows. Some have been gifted some I found thrifting, so its my herd plus a few related cow items and also a black and white garland that I incorporated a bit of my grams tablecloth into.  Grab a beverage and come with me.......

Way back many years ago cows were famous to decorate , my aunt and I had them all over the place now its become popular presented as farmhouse style and you'll note I used the word style because you do not need a real Farm house to carry this décor out, its pretty anywhere you live! Anyway if you have some that your pulling out of storage a nice way to give them a better look is to white wash them as I have done here. Just a tad of white paint and a splash of water mixed a just apply to the piece or not its what ever you like.

 I love a nice full rag garland it really put the icing on the cake so to speak it finishes the farm house touch. I used these two materials and a bit of lace from my grams tablecloth .

 I crafted a cow crossing sign and also placed a rolled up vintage doily my gram made over 100 years ago inside the cow.

 Painted a canning jar pink to bring out the pink cheeks on the ceramic cow
 I took an old book and white washed it and labeled it to go with the theme. I found the old milk bottle at Goodwill.

You can do this with anything like a rooster collection, dishes anything you can group and add some interest to.

So will you be dedicating a shelf to one of your collections? Its a great way to show off what you love and make yourself happy!  Have fun with it is what I always say.........

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