Welcome to the garden........its a hot one today! I thought I would get rid of weeds and cut the grass. As I was rummaging through the back shed I had this bentwood coat rack that I had found curbside. I have had it for a while.....always racking my brain on what the heke was I going to do with this ugly thing. I almost tossed it a few times but I'm glad I didn't! 

We are putting together a patio in the back and we were just tying to figure out lighting.  I bought some really pretty lights that we will use , they were an after Christmas 75% off. But I got this idea as I was working around outside so I dropped everything took the coat rack out of the shed got some paint together. Rounded up all the Jar type candles that had handles and put it all together.....

 I had this sign that I had crafted so I added that....
 I hung all the glass lanterns once the paint was dry.

 I sprayed it white and put some mustard color paint here and there to mimic paint peeling.
 Just in time for this weekend, we are going to get the family together to BBQ to kick off the season.

 Natalie's garden is spinning out of control ....looks like she will have fresh radishes very soon.

 I had gotten this lady bug for Valentines day from Natalie and it had one of those tiny mini rose bushes in it, but it started to die even with care. I took a chance and planted in this garden and look at it its growing like crazy.
 I'm thinking it will be a great place to hand all sorts of garden stuff. I am going to be making some jar lanterns to add to it soon.

I know these coat racks are a dime a dozen at thrift stores or maybe you have one .........try it It looks so nice at night and lends just a nice amount of light!
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