Welcome !  How are you enjoying the Spring and all it has to offer? So much to do but I have to admit Gardening is my favorite! Love to walk in the garden and pick fresh salad pickins.....a taste like no other. I have mentioned before that my very kind neighbor has a humongous Mango tree that bears enough fruit for all. We discovered Mango smoothies last season and they are to die for......super yummy!

It had been raining a few days ago so I decided to craft a new sign. With some paint and stencils I brought a tired piece of wood to life.

Stencils or free hand ....Signs are a great way to express any kind of décor.

I found this delightful basket just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to take it home....its very old ,It has signs of wear on the hinges and wicker. At first I thought it was a mini picnic basket but when I opened it up I saw it was a pie basket.
I can just imagine the scrumptious pies that sat on this removable little shelf. Pies to church suppers, family picnics etc... a good ole basket with a delicious past!

He was also sitting on the shelf waiting just for me lol......Hes a little carved rooster, so very cute..the rooster lover in me could not pass this up.

Only one of this but it was so beautiful , an Eastern China with 20k gold designing.

These two mini platters with beading were so pretty and only .99 each could not pass them up either.

Also found this beautiful French tablecloth, love it with its pretty design and light blue hues.

Also this wooden candle holder that I will paint ...I already have one similar so I will be painting them both to match and I will share that later.

Things are really growing well in the patio garden picked some wonderful radishes......
Here is the mini rose bush with a rose bloom
And here is the ripe lettuce that will join the salad tonight with some evoo and spices.
planted some herbs yesterday , thought I would try them in a pot this time. Actually I will put some in the garden as well, I am curious to see which will grow better.

So this is a huge playhouse that my son built for his daughter when they were living here so I thought since it was not going to be used for that I will do some renovating such as raising the roof and cutting a new doorway it can be my Potting shed!   I am a small person at 4ft 11in so this will be perfect for me so I will be working on that today and fri. I cant wait to share when I am done so do come back and see!

A very cool way to give white tile is just some decorative paper, this was a pretty drawer liner so I cut them to size and added them here and there. It packs a great decorative punch and you can change it out when ever you like I just used some painters tape jelly rolled in all 4 corners.
So happy you stopped on in today,

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