It's time to get your Spring on........even if your still feeling chilly, and a homemade Guacamole recipe

Hi there, welcome! I smell spring how about you? I am a northern girl in a southern state so I do miss my Lilacs, Forsythias and other various vibrant fragranced spring blooms. Here in S.W. Florida we have Gardenias which are so beautiful and fragrant . So even if you are living in a chilly area that has not sprung spring yet you can start your seeds in a sunny window with just some egg cartons and good quality soil.

 Little natalie who is 9 plants all the seeds she has a green thumb for sure what ever she touches does very well. Here some seeds are planted with some premium soil and a little h2o...sunlite and...........
 After about 7 days everything has sprouted. Children love to garden and watch stuff growing .
 She insisted on incorporating her popsicle sticks as markers so we don't forget what is what, great idea Natalie!
 These are some redish tone sunflowers
 We sprayed the large faux cement planters black and added a burlap ribbon. Cosmos my favorite!
 Love the vibrant orange color

 Decorated the front gate with a rag garland
 And a simple welcome sign. Couldn't help to pot a spider plant, I have so many in a bed growing I plan on making up some pretty pots and planting some for Easter gifts.
 These two cow bells were bought at the day after Christmas sale in the ornament dept.

 New mint is growing , I pulled the tired stems a couple months ago now new sprigs are growing. Love mint for sweet tea and Mojitos.

 It may be time to plant these Avocado trees , see what I mean about Natalie ......she planted two seeds from Avocados that we bought to make  guacamole our favorite! So soon we will have fresh Avocados. Here is our simple and delicious recipe:
2 or 3 Hass Avocado's
1 lemon
1 Vidalia onion medium
A pepper of your choice chopped very small
2 good size ripe tomato's chopped well
Blend all of this well, I kind of use my hands to mix
add a generous sprinkle to taste of Goya  Adobo  all purpose seasoning with pepper
A good amount of juice from a ripe lemon
A splash of hot sauce, depending how hot you like it.
And finally about 1/2 cup of sour cream, blend well and chill well before eating!
Now all you need is some fresh tortilla chips , our Bravo store sells them homemade...too good!
And Enjoy my friend!!

 Hibiscus blooms all day everyday, I love to float them in a bowl indoors.
 One thing about plants here ...things just pop up out of nowhere like this climbing white pretty plant
 These poor Dusty Millers were at our Walmart on the dying plant table, I couldn't resist for .50 I bought many and now they are beautiful and thriving.
 We put our watering can collection on shepherd hooks

    Hope you will give our Guacamole recipe a whirl! Enjoy your spring

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