Dont throw those rusty shovels away & a new color for the little cabinet that could!

Hi nice you could stop by. I have been super busy with a big project and I soon will share with you the real power of paint. Today I have a couple of projects that I recently did a couple of fun projects. I had an old retired shovel so instead of tossing it I decorated it a bit and added it to the garden.....


This is my favorite little of my neighbors was throwing it away some time ago so I just had to rescue it. I believe it is a medicine cabinet but I use it for glasses and coffee mugs.As you can see I started to paint......its just some regular flat black paint with just a tad of baking soda that makes for some great paint.
 Just a tad of sanding.

 It holds allot of glassware.
 I have a friend that is a cabinet maker and sometimes I am lucky enough to get some beautiful knobs that would have been thrown away.....but lucky for me he is thinking....Lisa would love these  , bless his heart he knows me only too well.
 It has the window all around , that's why I just love it. It sits on my vintage refrigerator with my Madeline pan. If you have never had Madeline's you just don't know what your missing!  Are you just tired of a piece of furniture you have had for a while ? Give it some new life with a lick of paint!

Until next time