Hi here, come on in! I have been busy trying to get all things to my liking. The guest bathroom has been crying out for help for some time it was a tired brownish color with no personality. If you had read a recent past post I had said that I would share the real power of paint . With this makeover I used a bright hue that was brought to life using a bit of Montego Bay mixed with a whole lot of country white.

Oh my..........not good. You can see where I added the thin strip of tape that would evenly divide the top and bottom. Cause I have big plans that include a certain technique.........
So this is the old tired brownish bathroom so in need of help.............
 I was going for the old farm house style, bead board, painted /stenciled wood floor, and my favorite greenish bluish devine color.
 I used a cabinet door from a vintage piece that could not go anymore so I salvaged the doors.
 So are you thinking that I put up real bead board???  huh its simply a faux painting technique, So you know that the base color was the brown right? So I simply painted the country flat white on the bottom and taped two brushes together and used a yardstick and made the indentations using the opposite side of the brushes. Easy to do and if you are going to give it a try get a helper to hold the yardstick still.
 I used a pretty stencil on the floor

 signs, shelves, decorative pitchers render a nice farmhouse feel.
 Open 24/7 well I guess we are!

 The 2 old fashioned knobs I picked up at the thrift store. Don't mind all the  this and that's up on the shelf.

 I had read so much about people using contact paper on counters so I came up with this idea and it has worked out well so far. After applying the contact paper I simply gave it a white wash with Painters Choice by Rustolium This toned down the color and made it very durable.

The divider in the middle is also duct tape that I made to look
like  an old piece of wood by applying 3 different colors of paint.

Here is the paint brush ends used to faux paint the bead board.  So say you live in an apartment and cant get to decorative well this would be perfect as a back splash. I hope that I have given you some ideas to try out. Everyone loves a newly decorated fresh bathroom right??

                                                             Thanks so much for stopping by .....
                                                        until next time.......Lisa