Old dining room border wallpaper with a new farmhouse style

Hi there, happy you could stop by today! Love sharing all my crafts with all of you. You know how you just keep staring at that something ? You know you want to change it but you ponder all the ideas you can until that one idea strikes at you!  Well for me it was my dining room wall border. It has been up for about 6 years or so , so its time to go.

I had bought all these stencils including some nice lettering. so this is what I came up with after spending countless hours trying to find the perfect wall border.

Just a simple black paint to the existing border and then stenciling Farm animals such as..

 Cows and Pigs


It seems to sew the room together a bit.  This is a simple project that can be done with just the cost of a bit of paint and a stencil.

Thanks so much for visiting !