A Homemade Barn window to add some farmhouse whimsey

Hi there, welcome........Spring Fever is in the air! I have been doing some planting that I will share soon. I just love digging in the dirt in the Florida sunshine. To spite the fact we have been through our drought season many things have been growing out of control.

I had made a faux barn window some time ago....my son was making a playhouse for his little one and of course I was taking all the scrap wood as usual, it was an easy project. I used kitchen wire for the back to give the farm feel. The first time I shared this It was white with some red aging throughout  here it is now.

 I placed a big shelf underneath to display some collections. I have a vintage milk pitcher A very old Gold pan that was used way back when for panning for gold ,that I bought at an auction in town.

I wanted to bring out the chestnut color used on the faux brick accent wall and the chestnut wood slab wall that I had painted.

Remember ladies to be able to construct some fun projects you will need the following:

A jigsaw
small screw gun
palm sander
tape measure
various sizes nails and screws
Philips  and regular size screwdrivers
A  tool box  that can fit everything so you can take it where ever

I know many have their husbands to do the wood work but for me I can't wait so I do it myself.

I am currently making a vintage look screen door, its a couple day project but I will be sharing it real soon so all come now!

                                    Have a great day!