A vintage style screen door & a stencil/spackeling technique you wont want to miss

Hello and welcome......Today I am sharing a vintage style screen door that I have crafted from some scraps of wood, some pieces of an old shutter, vinyl spackling  a stencil, paint, and some other décor items I have collected. For some buying old vintage windows , doors and shutters is easy, but in these parts not much around. If there is something of that nature the price will be ridiculous.  Grab a coffee and let me show you a bit.

This screen door is about 2 ft wide and 6 ft high. It is just for decorative purposes, although it could be made to fit a doorway or long window. I started by gathering some wood from my stash which was 2 pieces about 3"/ 6 ft. long. then 2 more about 2 ft. x 3", then one pine board for the middle about 2ft 3 in.. I constructed all that using my electric screw driver I thought I would add a bit of  fancy so I had some pieces of a shutter that came apart and a metal band so I attached the shutter pieces then the band.

 The next step was to do the vinyl spackling which is very easy this will give the 3-d look to the design on the center board of the door. You will need a scraper ,a small one works best, a stencil of your choice and a tube of spackling it also comes in tiny tubs as well.
You can try it out on cardboard if you like. Just place the stencil down take the scraper and fill in the stencil ,once its all filled in scrape the top so it is even then simply lift the stencil off  carefully. And that's it. now you will let it dry to the hardness . This is a good time to get your paint color choices together while your waiting.

You will love the results of this process, I also have done this to my plain jane kitchen cabinets that can be viewed at Hometalk or here.

Ok now that all is dried your going to need at least 2 color choices . Here I chose black and my all time favorite Vintage blue green , my own made up name seeing I mix it from Opps paints which I have shared in the past.

You will want to first paint it the dark base color I used spray on that. Then I took the light color and used it for distressing and the center piece. I just painted the middle piece then took a damp rag and wiped it away gently so that you could see the crevasses on the design.

I added a cute flower basket

and a small basket on the bottom.

For now I have it set in the dining room but I am sure I will be moving it around as I do with everything.

I had this huge Italian ceramic knob that works well as the handle.

 So there you have it. An easy project that did not cost a penny, I had everything I needed on hand. If you don't want to use a jig saw I know that Home Depot will cut the sizes you need  for you providing you buy the wood there. . If there is any questions that I can answer to help out feel free to ask.
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