A pretty Spring Makeover for the vintage birdhouse...birds of a feather flock together!

Hello and welcome......today has been fun! I have been redoing my Birdhouse, a beautiful black vintage birdhouse given to me by a really nice lady on Craigs list. The first time I replied was for a vintage garden table that she was giving away for free, so I made arrangements to pick it up. Although she never came outside I just know she is a really nice lady. A couple of weeks later she emailed me asking if I would like a vintage garden bench and a birdhouse, so I replied saying that I would so love it and give it a good home......so I crafted her a little something to show my gratitude and I was off to pick up the items, I thought I would finally meet her but everything was left by her door. So I just left her the gift I crafted for her and emailed her a thank you. Even though we have never met I know her heart is filled with kindness.

Today I spent a nice afternoon giving the tired Bird house a spring redo. Yesterday Natalie and I spent a long day of Thrift store hunting and Dollar General shopping and lunch of course. I found these two cute birds at $ General fro 1$ each. So today I incorporated them into the Spring wing Fling!

 Also picked up the bouquet of Daisies for 1$
 If you have a shutter that falls apart beyond repair save the pieces I have used these 2x's now once for the Screen door I just made and here for some little bird signs

 I used some pretty material to make a garland around the top. I used some bright glass and even a blue glass top from a broken candy dish that I have stuck in the planter bowl.
 Lots of little signs and one bird in and one bird out of the house.

 I used an old glass clear bowl for a planter, I added some small rocks for drainage and planted some succulents that I have growing in my garden in abundance.
 I hung some rusty star cookie cutters for perches in and out.
 Seeing that this house is kept outside an air plant has made a permanent home on the roof.

 So if you are ever driving on down Mockingbird Ln. Stop on in and say hi To the Canary Family!

So todays project was done for only the cost of the two birds. I love using and reusing resources that I have on hand, it makes for a great project!
Thank you for visiting today!

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