A coffee table redo and a crafted sign

Hello there, so nice that you could drop in.......You know you have that piece of furniture starring at you just begging for a new look? That was my coffee table, first I have to say I am so still in love with the greenish/blue vintage color, anything that color touches turns to pretty. So while preparing dinner working on our new patio I made a sign and gave the coffee table a new bright pretty look

 I just used some homemade chalk paint and dry brushed it so that the pineapple legs could show off there furniture sexy! If you are wondering about homemade chalk paint its very simple I just add a bit of baking soda to the paint and stir well. So say I have about 2 cups of paint I would add about 1 Tbls. of baking soda. I have been using this for a long time and it has always worked well. It sands and weathers well.

 Some vintage 7-up bottles filled with daisies a top a colored dish all set in a galvanized tray
 This rooster is my favorite he is made of wood, metal and nails, the nails are on top of his head.

 I have had this coffee table for about 15 years its been dressed many ways. Would you believe that we found this in the forest , someone had come and dumped their stuff where many fish near the everglades. So I had to bring it home !

 I needed a bit of whimsy for the guest bath so I made this sign.