vintage bread box turned into A Bunny hutch..just in time for Easter

Hi and welcome, with Easter around the corner I am planning some nice Easter crafts. I had a vintage bread box that I picked up from our local thrift some time ago It was an ugly color so I gave it a white wash. I had some plastic eggs that I sprayed white and speckled black, I added some raffia and some old bunnies. I crafted a wee pink bunny banner made from brown paper grocer bag.

I can remember going into the bunny hutch as a child and dressing the little bunnies with doll clothes. grama would come and chase us out, so we would go to the huge tree and eat the dark sweet berries until she went back in and then we would return to our baby bunnies. Sweet Memories!

 Just a little Easter Whimsy!

 Happy Crafting

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