Red and White Cow picture, a Pier 1 knock off

Hi There, nice of you to stop in......hopefully your weather is not too bad where you live. I am sorry to say I feel bad for the vacationers that pay so much money to visit Florida cause you know that Sunshine? Well some days we have had really cold weather I checked the temp coming out of the restaurant and it was in the forties, not good if you are here to swim , boat and get sun drenched.

I had been scanning the online shop of Pier 1 Imports and I found this lovely farmhouse Cow picture that I just had to know that feeling when your mind is made up ? no matter what the cost. So I got to really looking at it and decided that it was really easy to make that's what I did. I studied it for a time then gathered a scrap of wood ,paints and some sandpaper and got busy. The first step is painting the whole board red, I then took a ruler and swiped indentations so that the wood would look old and not flat. Next I drew the cow with some chalk. Painted the cow a ream color. I added the Farmhouse words and dated it but I did change that up a bit.

I sanded here and there to make it appear to be vintage.
This was an easy remake, I would like to do a pig and rooster as well. Is this something you think you will try? Just two colors and a good size piece of scrap wood.
Thanks so much for stopping on in today!

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