COME SEE WHATS NEW .....accent walls and more!

Welcome happy you could stop in today! We have been busy here doing many home repairs and getting things in order for the super hot summer ahead of us. To me nothing makes more of an impact than an accent wall. With just a lick of paint and a little imagination you can transform any room into a beautiful place to enjoy with family and friends. The only problem is a huge 70" 3-D tv ...and trust me there is no way its leaving. That is Mr. Sweet Tea's pride and joy! So I have to decorate around it and that is a super challenge. So grab a cup of coffee and let me show you around  .......

 This was a simple fix for a very tired wall, I simply taped off some dividing lines and used a dark chestnut color and painted it up. When it was completely dried I simply peeled the painters tape and it gives the illusion of slats of wood. So the original paint color is visible when the tape is removed. I did this in just a few hours.


I left the adjacent wall the brick which I shared some time ago. I added some shelves for interest and I thought it would be a great way to display all my collectibles.


 When I see that spring is around the corner I love taking out my huge wooden goose.

 This little vignette is on the kitchen butcher block corner...Spring means birds to me.

 This is an old red tool box set upside down with my favorite flowers and a collectible dish. You all know how I love decorating up my stove.

 You seen this before it is actually the bottom part of a bakers rack. Its slim body allows for a great island area for prepping food, with a lick of my favorite paint and a little stenciling it fits perfect.

A look at the living room when you enter through the kitchen. The room is large enough to hold the whole big family.

 I decided to use my barn light over the island for that bit of extra light ....the kitchen is not that bright seeing the only window looks out to the porch.


These cute flowers are just the tips that have fallen from the whole flower...if you check the stores you can find them sometimes bagged up and very inexpensive, they are just pieces that separate .I have filled little fluted tins with them. I had a vintage picture frame that had fallen apart so I added it to the perimeter of the window.

I sewed this little lace shade for some pretty.

I do hope you enjoyed this  today! Thank you for stopping in!


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