Well hello there, happy you could stop on by. I have been scanning the sheds for some old wood. I was thinking Rooster, so I found a large old piece that would be perfect. I rounded up my Jig Saw which I think all woman should own one. They are inexpensive and handy for most projects using wood. But like with all power tools wear safety glasses and be cautious.  So after gathering everything I began by drawing an out line of a huge rooster. You can use the internet or magazines to get an idea or two. I used chalk so I could erase if needed so finally I got just the outline that I was seeking. So I began to cut with my Jig Saw.  Once it was cut all out I painted the whole form with some home made chalkboard paint. Its very simple just a tad of baking soda to some regular black craft paint.  I wanted something different so I added something unexpected!

 Clothes Pins! What do you think?  I have to say that I did fall in love with this roosters cuteness when he was done.

I sanded all the edges and painted both sides just in case I wanted to hang it differently
This is an easy wood project that anyone can do, if you are a beginner with a jigsaw just take it very slow perhaps practice a bit on some scrap wood. I would like to craft more with wood in this new year ...hope you'll join me!

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