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Hi yesterday I scanned the thrift stores for a little counter lamp . I had my imagination sparked up everytime I seen a little lamp .the thrift store is a wonderful place to purchase a good quality lamp and a minimal price...usually 2$-10$. Not bad because if you purchase brand new lamps they are pricey. Besides all that I love to put a new design on them.

Always be sure the electrical wiring is in tact, most thrift stores  have a plug for testing. And now I will show you this very modern ugly to me lamp I bought.

 Oh my goodness...see all that shiny business? First off some sanding to rid of the shiny. I mixed up some light yellow that I will call bee dust. And gave it a coat  and then another. Took some grey paint and put some here and there along with red to give it an old feel.
 I found this little wooden rooster in my box of tricks so I attached it with some glue....He just looks like he lived there forever.

 And you know that shade?, it is sitting on the shelf bec…

Faux Painted vintage style brick wall backsplash

Hi there and welcome...I have been busy all day with painting up some white washed brick. So last evening I was looking for some wallpaper on line I knew I wanted brick but there was just so many choices, so I thought I would sleep on it. Well the next day I woke up and decided that I would just paint the backsplash my self.

This backplash is also paneling and the same green tea color as the walls.

So I got to work mixing some colors together. I used a sponge red, white and black paints. I just kind of stamped the sponge here and there. So I have to tell you I totally was going to stop and paint the wall back as it was but my curiosity got the best of me and my conscience got the most of me it was saying "quitter", oh heke no I am not a quitter so I kept going.

After I had all the bricks stamped on I let it dry .......once dry I took a small brush and painted all the grout stuff around the bricks....let that dry.

And once again went over all the bricks so it would look a bit…

A DELICIOUS MANGO SMOOTHY & A COUPLE of new thriftstore finds

Hi there....welcome, hope you are enjoying summer here in Southwest Fla. Everyday we have a tropical storm, sometimes 3 or 4 storms a day. The gardens have all gone bizerk with growth and the lawn needs to be cut once a week and for me. It is however Mango me it is one of the most delicious fruits ever. It is considered  a superfood containing over 20 different vitamins and minerals. Only 100 calories per 1 cup. No cholesterol, sodium or fat.  So I found a great new way to use this fruit seeing that the cup is runith over. 

A Mango smoothie! We are big smoothie fans and make them allot out of bananas, strawberries, pinapples etc. Just about any fruit is smoothie versatile.
 If you are not lucky enough to have a neighbor with a huge mango tree they are always available in your local grocery. All you need is Mangoes, lots of ice, Half and half and a great blender that will crush ice cubes.
 Grab a glass......its ready. Ita is a great alternative to other sw…


Hi and welcome...... you know how you have that piece of furniture that is looking so neglected and it is just crying for a makeover. Funny story about this  bakers rack it like 22 years old and its looking really raged. I at one time used to make money painting , wallpapering and decorating for people around town so I went to this lady and painted her daughters bedroom and then stenciled as well I had told her  before hand it would be 150 for 2 coats of paint and the stenciling well.......when I was done she said she didn't have any money would I mind picking something out of the Speigal Catalogue? Well that's just what I did and so it was this bakers rack.

So I decided to give it a paint treatment and brighten it up a bit.

  It was beginning to rust and scuff so I sanded all the rusting areas gave it a good cleaning.
 I went with a light blueish green me it says happy!
 A galvanized pail has some picks from my garden my favorite is the Bird of Paradise the orang…

A Vintage style farmhouse colorful plank wall...inspired by Lowes wallcovering

Hi there, welcome come on in I am excited to show you my colorful planked painted wall. It all started Sunday evening when Mr. StNSA were on a Lowes home improvement shopping date. I get down right scarey when I go there I grab a cart and scan the store for idea items and replenish staples, tacks etc. It was when I stumbled upon this wonderful wallpaper the paper that was deemed perfect for my home so I threw 2 rolls in the cart figuring that I would just do one accent wall. So I scanned the isles until I found my date ....I showed him in excitement ...he was not so excited about the 40$ for each roll. He replied that I change things out to often and it would not be worth it. So take a look...
 It was just the look I was I started thinking how could I achieve this look with paint. I finally had an instant plan that I would execute the following day so I put the paper back.

Now The wall that I was planning to paint is a wood paneled the planks would have to go …