A Vintage style farmhouse colorful plank wall...inspired by Lowes wallcovering

Hi there, welcome come on in I am excited to show you my colorful planked painted wall. It all started Sunday evening when Mr. StNSA were on a Lowes home improvement shopping date. I get down right scarey when I go there I grab a cart and scan the store for idea items and replenish staples, tacks etc. It was when I stumbled upon this wonderful wallpaper the paper that was deemed perfect for my home so I threw 2 rolls in the cart figuring that I would just do one accent wall. So I scanned the isles until I found my date ....I showed him in excitement ...he was not so excited about the 40$ for each roll. He replied that I change things out to often and it would not be worth it. So take a look...
 It was just the look I was after......so I started thinking how could I achieve this look with paint. I finally had an instant plan that I would execute the following day so I put the paper back.

Now The wall that I was planning to paint is a wood paneled wall...so the planks would have to go verticle instead of horizontal okkk that could work. I had a huge bucket of cream color paint so I poured out about 4 cans of it then I added some color to each of them from my paint stash store. So I had a old time aqua color a light peach, a light cast blue and a Vaseline color and also a grey. I mixed them really well. And it went very smoothly. I first painted the whole wall a black shade then I began making the planks. I had a separate brush for each color so I wouldn't have to keep washing them out there was no ryme or reason to the pattern  along I used painters tape  as well. Seeing that the "boards" were already there this whole process was fairly easy.  Lets take a peek.....
 I am happy with the brightness and I couldn't be any happier if I had the actual wallpaper.
 That's Chocolate' sitting on the back of the sofa, you can see a basket at the top, there is a wooden beam that has a number of baskets  and white mini lights hanging from it....yes I am a basket case! love baskets, just found a really nice homemade basket I will share on another post.

 A simple black wrought iron shelf with some glass favorites to adorn it.

 A tobacco ladder with some old favorites hanging on it.

So what do you think?  Is it something you will try? One of the positives not using the wallpaper is that you can use the colors that you like.
I changed curtains to a pretty green .
 So I also changed the glass to green in the green house window shelf

 So happy to share this with you today! I will be shopping for more thrift treasures today our local Goodwills are having a 50 off today.

                                                            Have a wonderful Saturday!

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