A DELICIOUS MANGO SMOOTHY & A COUPLE of new thriftstore finds

Hi there....welcome, hope you are enjoying summer here in Southwest Fla. Everyday we have a tropical storm, sometimes 3 or 4 storms a day. The gardens have all gone bizerk with growth and the lawn needs to be cut once a week and weeded.......fun for me. It is however Mango season...to me it is one of the most delicious fruits ever. It is considered  a superfood containing over 20 different vitamins and minerals. Only 100 calories per 1 cup. No cholesterol, sodium or fat.  So I found a great new way to use this fruit seeing that the cup is runith over. 

A Mango smoothie! We are big smoothie fans and make them allot out of bananas, strawberries, pinapples etc. Just about any fruit is smoothie versatile.
 If you are not lucky enough to have a neighbor with a huge mango tree they are always available in your local grocery. All you need is Mangoes, lots of ice, Half and half and a great blender that will crush ice cubes.
 Grab a glass......its ready. Ita is a great alternative to other sweet snacks that have no nutritional value.
 Ok so seeing that I am drinking a healthy drink why not a fudge brownie? 
Super yummy!

Here are the wonderful finds from my weekend thrifting...

I can't help to wonder whom had sewn such a beautiful quilt, You know how you can just put a picture in your mind that would match with your physical item. I see a   farmhouse mom sitting around a sprawling table working her sewing magic sipping on a hot cup of coffee at the end of a busy day. The picture above is showing that in a couple of places it is come apart but not to worry I will stitch it up ever so carefully. I so admire Brenda of cozy little houses beautiful quilts that she displays so beautifully.

 I also found this homemade basket and it fit perfectly on my butcher block now I have all my spices at my fingertips.

Hope you'll give a Mango smoothie a try!

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