Hi there, welcome. Here we are celebrating Fall with open arms to spite the fact that it is still humid and hot outside  . That's ok we just carry on with our northern Fall traditions. I decided to put together a more convenient way for the family to prepare hot/cold drinks and morning oatmeal/toast etc. I thought if I could just get everything in one place it would be easy and fun for all. I am thinking that I should change my blog name into something like midnight mom or only at night something to the effect of I can really only work on photos etc at night when everyone settles in.

Anyway I had this bakers rack for a while but I was not using as such the base is all wood but very narrow so I added a corian counter then fixed the top part on to complete the bakers rack.

The best part is that there is plenty of storage , I sewed a little skirt so that I could put things such as coffee filters , gallons of water, mixing bowls etc. Large coffee cups were a great dollar tree find.

 2 drawers that hold utensils and napkins. A toaster also sits on the far right side.
 2 large shelves hold bowls and larger dinner plates, baskets on the top shelf hold breads and spices.
 I baked an Apple coffee cake that is absolutely delicious! It is a taste of home recipe. Apples are in the center spiced up with cinnamon.  This is my midnight snack as I am doing a bit of blogging.
 I crafted this Harvest sign from some old floor board. I love the Chalk board duct contact the little board helps me keep everyone in order because when I write "Closed" that means the kitchen is closed....so don't dare let me wake to a mess. I am one of those people that clean the kitchen and sweep at the end of the evening.
This glass pumpkin which I painted a bit is filled with Hot Cocoa packets.

 Just for fun I attached vintage cutters to the handles with cording.

 This cedar Acorn box holds oatmeal and I just had to pick up these pretty Fall pot holders.
 I have a couple of coffee pots one that brews coffee and one that I just do boiling water for oatmeals , tea and cocoa.

I just had to add a string of white lights and a leaf garland.

I purchased this very heavy lamp at a thrift store ...it just adds a bit of ambiance to the center.

So that's our kitchen center. Our home is a busy one and we utilize every bit of it. I try to add color to whatever Im conjuring up. I think if I had to describe our style here it would be "Cracker Barrel" style. I just love that place!  So dont' be afraid to mix and match furniture to see what you can come up with. A family kitchen center is an efficient fun way for family to Help themselves.

I would love for you to join in on the Linky party fun where I share my craft....


                                Thank so much for stopping in today!

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