Faux painted wooden slat countertops

Hi there.....Fall is here!  Love everything about it, family traditions pay a big part of the different seasons. Here we have a Fall dinner , make candy apples, stuff scarecrows, drink plenty of apple cider, build out door fires and carve pumpkins. For me I like to get the house ready for the holidays so that means making sure everything is in a ok shape, cleaned spic and span and all décor is fresh.

My countertops were looking a bit drab so I decided to try out some experiments after some not so pretty trials I found the one that makes me smile, a wide slat faux wooden look. I used a wood grainer rocker and some out door paint along with a lacquer finish. Am I the only one who actually does these kinds of projects at about midnight? It seems that is the only time I don't have traffic coming through the kitchen.

 I thought why not outdoor paint....its able to stand the elements so it should be able to stand my kitchen. The base coat is an olive oil color. Which was painted first.
 After that was dried I painted on the white out door paint and immediately after painting a small area I used the wood rocker. Wood rockers can be bought at any craft store.
After I wood grained the paint I took a yard stick and ran a unsharpened pencil don to create the slat look.
 I am so loving the removable chalkboard contact paper by Duct. I also got the two red rooster jars on a clearance table.

 I hung this guy up to hold a dish towel. Hes made his appearance on Sweet Tea long ago.

I also found these cute metal leaves that are suppose to be napkin holders but I thought I would use them for the fall season on the handles attached with cording.

 I had everything on hand for this project so it did not cost any additional money. I sure wouldn't cut on them but that's ok I prepare all the food on the butcher block or corian work table. If you have never used a wood grain rocker experiment a bit before hand. The thing to remember is that you must have contrasting paints so the faux woodgrain shines through.

    Until next time.....Lisa


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