A farm house style garland that you can make in a jiffy!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air........a place that we can get crafty for little or no money!  I was shopping on Saturday at Tuesday Mornings....that's such a wonderful store if you haven't ever gone be sure to stop on in because they have so much beautiful things. I bet you wont leave empty handed, so grab your hubby and take a visit. Anyway I say this wonderful burlap garland so I examined it a bit and thought to myself ...I can make that ! So that's just what I did.

The first step is cutting  a couple of long strips of burlap....about 6" wide and 10 ft or so long, if you have to cut 2 pieces just hot glue them  so you have a piece of garland that's about 5in wide and 10 ft long.

The next step is thread a long piece of twine and slip stitch it through the middle from top to bottom. Once its all stitched start pulling the burlap at the end until it is all gathered  and looks like this.

You can decorate it so many ways...since its Fall and apple season I went with some apples and check bows.

This is an easy craft that anyone can do. Burlap is very inexpensive but I do imagine that this can be done with regular material as well. Hope you will give this craft a try!