You may want to save your cans!!

Hello...welcome. I have been busy with this "junk " craft. That would mean to me something that I would normally toss in the trash but instead I decided to repurpose it and that would some large tin cans that once had tomato sauce in it.  I left them outdoors for a bit so they could start to rust. Here in SW Florida we are topping off our rainy season with tropical storms everyday. So rust is not a problem.

 Ok here is the tin can in all its ugly beauty.Hey some of us vintage rollin bloggers just love us a bit of rust!! As you can see very rusty. And that's a good thing if we are doing a vintage style project. Soon you will see where I am going with all this.... Give the can a dry painting which means leave some places without paint so you can see the rusty goodness. While that's drying you can make the can embellishments.
 I found this great product from Duck, it is contact chalkboard...just love it!! If you don't have this you can just paint a little chalkboard in the front of the can.
 So now were going to make some burlap flowers , so easy , just cut 3 different size flowers this shape(sm., med. and lg) Get you hot glue gun ready, place the largest on the bottom then the med. and then sm. ...glue them with the hot glue in the center. They should look like the photo below. Get out your button stash and hot glue a pretty button in the middle.


 This would also make a pretty hostess gift maybe filled with some fall cuttings from your garden.

 I stuffed the can with some Norfolk pine and faux harvest. I also took some green paper ribbon and hot glued around the Chalk board. You can place the burlap flower where ever you see fit. I liked it on the side.

This would make a pretty table centerpiece! You can fill them with whatever you have on hand ! There are many ways to "rust" up recipes so you don't have to wait for the rust to appear it can be forced.
So there you have it a very inexpensive way to have something pretty!
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