Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Welcome friends! Happy you could stop by to see what the heke I'm up to now. I had this wonderful pedestal table that I decided to move into the kitchen. Its not very big without the leaf and has a great pedestal . I thought it would be a great place to do some homework have a little lunch or just sit and chat over some coffee.

This process was not took 3 paint applications. So it started like this..
I t was all white, so I painted sea green, dark green, red and yellow thick stripes, I dry brushed it on. Let that dry , then took a dark brownish grey and painted the whole thing so no colors were visible. Once all dry I took and painted the sea foam color dry brushed that on. Then I quickly took the opposite end of a small paint brush and made plank lines by using a yard stick.

So when that was completely dry the fun started lots of sanding and scrapping I wanted to get a real old effect. I just kept scrapping until enough was a enough. A coat of non shiney polyurethane as the last step.

Little peeks of color are visible after sanding and scraping

I do understand that not everyone would like so much wear and tear on a piece of furniture. But I love wood that's been through the elements. The apron of the table I painted the sea foam green color. Creating a well weathered piece of furniture can take some time and patience and this style is not for everyone.
  So pleased that I was  Featured at  The Blue Willow House Vintage Charm!  Thank you Sharon

Thanks so much for visiting!                                  Lisa   
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