Thursday, August 11, 2016 I have a table addiction, I admit it. Come see what I did with a round dining table..

Welcome......So as you can see I admit to buying too many tables. Big, small any size, I just want to buy them and paint them pretty. Lucky I have some storage in the back shed. I am getting yelled at know it goes something like this:, "You don't need all these things!". Oh shush I say.

So anyway I had this huge round table sitting in storage so I thought Well I need a bigger coffee table, so I carried it on in and prepped her up. Got all my paints and imagination out! I mixed up some dark chalk paint using baking soda and painted the whole thing dark and added some lines with a yardstick  to make it look like pieces of wood.

Then I got the idea to make it a huge clock...we have a child here that's learning how to tell time so I did not paint on the hands of the clock ... she can draw them on with chalk for some learning fun!

The table is a good size and reachable by 2 couches and a large leather chair. I had an iron base from a bench that worked perfectly married to this coffee table. Just a fun table makeover for the family to enjoy.

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