Hi there!  thought today I would share an easy patriotic bunting that you and your family can craft.... one can do all the cutting ,another can fold and of course everyone will want to paint. All you need is some paper, I used a roll of paper that is about the same as grocery sac paper. So lets get started.......

first we need to cut some perfect circles, I used a round large dinner dish to trace the circle.
once the circle is cut the easiest way is to fold your circle in half then in half again.
ok now open it up and on a middle fold cut down halfway of the circle.
Should look like this.....this craft is very forgiving so its hard to botch it up.

Now starting at one end fold pleats back and forth

So they should resemble this.....they don't have to be perfect. Now is the fun part , time to add some color, I used some red, white & blue craft paints. We just painted some random lines here and there and this is what we came up with....It would also be nice to do them a solid color as well. So now you will need to attach these after the paint dries to some good heavy string. What I did first was straightened out the straight edge by adding a staple to the center. Then take your string and tuck it under at the straight edge and staple or glue it they should all be touching. Then you will have something like this.

I hope you and your family will give this a was a fun craft!

                                              Happy crafting

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