Welcome ! Happy you could stop in.........Am I the only one that thinks of red white & blue décor for summer? I gather all my red white and blue stuff to scatter around to celebrate summer holidays and Memorial day as well. My dil found a very unconventional piece on the side of the road just waiting for the trash truck, the fact that it is ancient and rust worthy warranted the pickup even though I had no clue how to display it, take a look.......

 A doctors scale......crazy right?  Boy did I get the Junk collector look when we brought that in. I actually have it on the screen porch, I added a floral iron basket for now.

The doctors in right???   It still works, mr. Sweet Tea stepped up there and then told me to give it a try. My answer was a lady never steps on the scale in front of a man......he bought my reply  lol.

I also found these cute blue and white breakfast dishes at Good will....

I fell for these as soon as I seen them, they each have a different picture such as bagel, jam, croissant. I have a few aboard an old red tool caddy.

 Someone gave me a huge bag of clothes so I let the girls take a look first then I picked all the Red, white & blue and started ripping them up to look like this...

I made a huge rag garland and placed a star in the middle , it greets our friends !

 Just some stray pieces of white I added a lick of paint to.
 Just for fun some bingo cards and red and blue dishes in my homemade planter box.
 Also gathering all the blue and white dishes
Love these berry dishes for summer also a previous thrift store find

Some rag balls in a clay bowl and blue glass

 A fun vignette on the coffee table A basket type tray with a canning jar filled with faux cherries and a metal star filled with blue beads.

Wishing you and your family a safe and fun filled holiday weekend!

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