Welcome...so happy to share my kitchen redo with you. On a recent trip to Home Depot I scanned every option of paints that were available but I kept going back and looking at this marvelous color Teal Lagoon by Glidden......totally not the usual color I would pick but I am so happy I did. I decided to go with a sea side theme seeing that we are all about fishing and wildlife, we live about 5 miles from the Fla. Everglades so I thought it would be fitting. Well grab some Sweet Tea and come on in through the shutter doors.

 Walmart now sells Waverley Fabrics in the craft dept. I found some teal fabric with some French words printed on it.

 I lined the sill up with some tiny coke bottles filled with some flowers.

 This copper fish tray sits above the stove.
 Glass mild bottles filled with some Daisies sit on the shelf behind the stove.
 You know those Popcorn tins that almost everyone gets for Christmas? Don't throw them away, I turned this into a great cooking utensil holder. I sprayed it white then took a string and dipped it into paint and just layed it on the can every 4 in or so to make it look like wooden planks. I this used a brittle brush to get the wood look.
 "Bait Bucket"

 Lunch is served!

 I had saved some of the bottom rings from lamp shades so I just weaved a fish net around and around and added some shells. A beach bird sits upon the shelf with some glass items.

 An old basket holds all the kitchen rags.

I painted the stools over and added some linin stripes.

 The basket that hangs above the kitchen island hold a copper bin with an oversized fish

 I had bought a set of café lights that I have hung over the stove.

Fishing basket holds all the cooking mits


Thank you for stopping in for a visit, until next time happy crafting, decorating or painting!