It's just a Spring Thing!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air......just lovin the new life of things that Spring brings. The air has a certain scent usually anyway it seems as though the sea has brought many fish to the canals because I can smell the fish from my home....the waters edge is about 250 ft from my door yard. In a good way though a fresh caught fish scent you know the one just before the little guy hits the frying pan.

Today I thought instead of making a traditional wreath base for one spring décor item I would use my vintage ladder.

 Petunia's are blooming daily, I usually pull the dead blooms daily.

 I bought some colorful artificial blooms to decorate with.....the vintage ladder gets a bit of color

A grapevine wreath also is decorated and hung on the front gate

 Basil is a necessity in my kitchen , we cook allot of tomato dishes.
 Behind the petunias is a wild flower that will bloom these pretty flowers soon
 This rooster is surrounded by 4 different greeneries can you name them? Cause I sure can't lol I can see mint, petunias and the pink behind the rooster is a wild grow.
 Green onions ready for salad tonight

And this is Powder an old hunter that loves the out doors he runs from me at night when I cage him to protect him from the wild animals of the Everglades.
How are you celebrating spring at your neck of the woods?