Hi there.......gotta say it is cold out side, just came in and it is in the 40's ......autttttt, no laughing okay know what your thinking I should not complain cause where you are its perhaps 10 or 20 degrees and your yard has a blanket of snow right? Hey I'm a Northern girl and I know freezing temps only too well . Before I came to Florida I lived in that's some cold weather. I do love cold weather though its just inconvenient . I just put in Petunias in my front garden . I will cover them with a special stash of old sheets that I use every winter to cover the plants.   
 Anyway I had some planks of pine scrap sitting idle so I thought I would make a faux vintage inspired barn window. I split the pieces and constructed a window .
 I used chicken wire for the back.
 With an uncut plank I added a shelf
I bought the rooster wood carving from Goodwill , it was a gold color. My first intention was to paint it black but after I tried the deep red I decided to keep it.

I painted it to look like it was old and lots of paint chipping off. I added some Valentine décor.

Of course I had to add white lights.

So glad to share my latest craft with you. Have you some wood just sitting there? why not make a little something and have some fun!
Happy crafting!   Lisa