Changing this...changing that, something old and something new thats what we bloggers do!

Happy day to you, thank you for stopping in today. We are having severe storms today which is very odd for this time of year...usually it is the perfect weather that all the vacationers that come to sw Florida seek. Warm days and cool evenings, some evenings are very cool I have seen 35 degrees last winter. I have some Petunias sitting idle since last Saturday . Poor things they thought they were going to a rich soil garden where they could thrive and grow but........bad weather has them sitting and just waiting. Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway I took down all the Christmas and rearranged with some old stuff and some new stuff. Love this milk can a great find at Tuesday morning. It was designed to look vintage and I think the maker did achieve that. It's colors are bright and it's a perfect place to store all of my wax potpourri. I just love the different scented waxes , I never am without them. I use the plug in wax burners they provide such wonderful aroma through out.

Next to the milk can is a vintage fashioned iron that is a night light. I love it, I bought that at Cracker Barrel. They have such unique finds.
I have it resting on a vintage trivet I picked up at Good will.

Put my real vintage 7up bottles on the window sill to get a bit of color from the porch.
My wooden box that I crafted is filled with old metal signs.
Roosters have taken residence on my red shelf along with some rooster dishes.
I put my favorite rooster in the kitchen hanging basket with some icy branches , white lights and bows attached with cinnamon sticks.

I picked up this small 4 ft white tree at 75 percent off and decorated it winter style. It sits pretty in the corner near the old white cabinet. I have plans for this tree for valentines and I will share that later. I have the tree in a huge white washed basket.

Love blue dishes how about you?
Also found this at Goodwill ,metal signs are always welcome here.
I hosted a after Christmas birthday dinner and made up these candle dishes for the tables.

Am I the only one who is anxious to take down Christmas and put out my new finds? Looking for some treasures check your local thrift stores and if you have a Tuesday Morning try them out although I must warn you will have to control yourself in there. Wayyyy to many nice things!
                                                                Have a wonderful weekend!

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