Hi there so glad you drop on in ! I have been working on adding some lighting that I like. I have mentioned before that Mr. STNSA is an Electrician. So when he does some jobs and there are lights he takes out and usually tosses them out or brings them to me.

He took out this barn light ,it was an awful light pink color no wonder they wanted to toss it out. But with a lick of paint I fixed her up .I took the existing wires out and replaced it with guts from a plug in light so I did not have to wire it in just plugged it in and presto.

 A wonderful bright light!
 I used a grey with some red wear .

The kitchen window never renders any good lighting because of the porch.

 It is so much brighter and better for kitchen duties!  Love the concentrated light that the barn design brings. Thrift stores are a wonderful resource for lighting and don't forget most lighting can be restyled and painted to your liking.

                                                           Thanks so much for letting me shed a little light on the subject!