I saved this poor closet door from the junk graveyard!

Hello there , so very happy you could stop in for a visit today!   I have been doing allot of house prepping you know the kind when you start rearranging for the up coming holidays. I secretly think about where I will put the Christmas tree this year. That's something I don't discuss with the family they just wouldn't understand that type of planning. I move stuff around here so much I am often scolded for it but they just don't understand that a blogger of this kind is always at change.

I had been shopping for one of those old vintage doors to add to my livingroom but no luck around here so I had this plain white closet door that I stashed away so I gave it a lick or two of paint !

I used a vanilla color along with some expresso color until I achieved the vintage faux look I was looking for.

This door is just a solid wood flat wood door. I crafted a wreath and a cranberry burlap garland to decorate it with.
I made some faux corn husks out of brown paper bag and the flowers are made from burlap also.
I also used a stencil for fun.
See something you like but don't have access to it try making it yourself you just may be surprised!