Soooo.....I think I may be a dishaholic, How about you?

Hi and welcome! The weather is starting to change here and I have been out thrifting! I don't know about you but I can not resist vintage dishes, I just love them ! Seems like I can not collect enough. So yesterday I came across this set of 4 dinner plates.....oh did I mention they were Christmas ones? I am a holiday Junkie and Vintage Christmas dishes are so beautiful!

I just had to do a little table setting sample! At 5.99 for all 4 who could resist? 
So this is the way I explain my love addiction of dishes to my family.......My reasoning is that I am collecting something that does not take up very much space , they pile on top of each other and I can display them whenever.  Don't you agree? Come on now I know I am not the only dishaholic  around.
Thank goodness there are no Dishaholic meetings!